Hula Hoops DJ

This spot made me smile.  Cute, fun and all around good times.  Go DJ!

From Publicis London.


V Aussie

Picture 7The premise: send three Australians to party for three days straight in LA. The catch: they must document the entire trip, including sending a tweet for every single minute of their experience.

That was the scenario cooked up by Droga5 Sydney to promote V Australia’s three-day travel packages to Los Angeles, and the three brave souls finished their ordeal just before this past weekend. While the trip alone was probably worth it,by completing the challenge, the three gentlemen take home the grand prize: round the world tickets on V Australia and Virgin Atlantic. I’m guessing they don’t have to use Twitter on that trip.

The entire experience can be be seen over at, and was filmed for use in a future campaign, as well as for inflight entertainment on V Australia flights.

Thanks to Campaign Brief Australia for this story.

When your performance art needs a boost


Serial killer branding

Nothing says “I love the TV show dexter’ more than an iPhone protective casing. What i really like about this is that it isn;t just some cool product or application. They branded the whole experience. From the time you purchase it (evidence file folder dripping in blood) to when you use it. They made the whole process an experience by bringing you into Dexter’s world


Go un-un yourself

funny campaign about being ‘unbundled’

Get more creative. Get lost.

An article from Scientific American discusses how social psychologists have discovered in recent years that one way to increase creativity is by inducing a state of psychological distance.

This research has important practical implications. It suggests that there are several simple steps we can all take to increase creativity, such as traveling to faraway places (or even just thinking about such places), thinking about the distant future, communicating with people who are dissimilar to us, and considering unlikely alternatives to reality. Perhaps the modern environment, with its increased access to people, sights, music, and food from faraway places, helps us become more creative not only by exposing us to a variety of styles and ideas, but also by allowing us to think more abstractly.

Read the full article here

Enough said.