slip and slide viral?

Curious what this is really for? Production or editing house maybe?

choose your own PSA

A smart and engaging way to communicate the problem of knife violence in the UK with a chose your own adventure style PSA that brings you right into the centre of the problem.

check out the website

V Aussie

Picture 7The premise: send three Australians to party for three days straight in LA. The catch: they must document the entire trip, including sending a tweet for every single minute of their experience.

That was the scenario cooked up by Droga5 Sydney to promote V Australia’s three-day travel packages to Los Angeles, and the three brave souls finished their ordeal just before this past weekend. While the trip alone was probably worth it,by completing the challenge, the three gentlemen take home the grand prize: round the world tickets on V Australia and Virgin Atlantic. I’m guessing they don’t have to use Twitter on that trip.

The entire experience can be be seen over at, and was filmed for use in a future campaign, as well as for inflight entertainment on V Australia flights.

Thanks to Campaign Brief Australia for this story.

The ‘How drunk are you?’ app

a very smart iPhone app from Grolsch aimed at promoting responsible drinking.

The app uses the iPhones accelerometer to demonstrate if the person holding the phone can walk in a straight line.

Dubbed Walk The Line, the app launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. The app rates the user on their ability to walk in a straight line. A high score offers them a free festival photograph at the Grolsch swing-top bar, whereas a low score invites them to the bar for a glass of water.

While not an actual alcohol test, the app aims to encourage festival go-ers to think about their alcohol consumption in a fun, innovative way, as well as share the app with their friends.

Another fart deodorant

Can;t figure out if this is for real or not. I feel like it is, because if they were trying to be funny they weren’t and it was too obvious.

stop motion creativity

Check out a new stop motion video called the PEN Story. Using over 60,000 shot pictures and 9,600 developed prints.

Inspired by other stop motion videos like this one called Wolf and Pig sotry

AC/DC rocks the office (excel)

The world’s first music video in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Ice Cream and Cake!

Say what you will about this brain-drilling new ad for Baskin-Robbins, but you have to be impressed by its ability to mention “ice cream and cake” 16 times in a 15-second spot. If the tune sounds familiar, that’s because it’s “the other song” by The Buckwheat Boyz, who penned the legendary Internet anthem “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.” This is definitely one of those polarizing ads, with people either loving it enough to make it a ringtone or hating it enough to shoot their screens.

From AdFreak.

Toyota font

In honour of its new Toyota IQ, Toyota Company has commissioned a truly innovative initiative. It appointed two typographers (Pierre and Damien) and a professional race car driver to design a font using the movements of the new Toyota IQ.

Each letter’s design was mapped out using the car’s movements, using special software to translate the car’s movement for each letter into the typeface. The font, named after the car, is called iQ Agility.

You can read more on the font here,

Cell Defence

I loved the original Bas Rutten Street Defence – Funny as hell.  See originals here: