When a commercial turns into an iPhone app

HAve you ever asked yourself ‘Man, i wish that Barclaycard waterslide ad was an iPhone app’?

Well your question has been answered. With the new iPhone and iTouch game – Waterslide Extreme.

slip and slide viral?

Curious what this is really for? Production or editing house maybe?

The 7 vices of highly creative people.

Interesting article by D.A. BLYLER

check it out here

choose your own PSA

A smart and engaging way to communicate the problem of knife violence in the UK with a chose your own adventure style PSA that brings you right into the centre of the problem.

check out the website http://www.droptheweapons.org/

Get more creative. Get lost.

An article from Scientific American discusses how social psychologists have discovered in recent years that one way to increase creativity is by inducing a state of psychological distance.

This research has important practical implications. It suggests that there are several simple steps we can all take to increase creativity, such as traveling to faraway places (or even just thinking about such places), thinking about the distant future, communicating with people who are dissimilar to us, and considering unlikely alternatives to reality. Perhaps the modern environment, with its increased access to people, sights, music, and food from faraway places, helps us become more creative not only by exposing us to a variety of styles and ideas, but also by allowing us to think more abstractly.

Read the full article here http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=an-easy-way-to-increase-c


A eye-catching way to show the benefits of waxing. 12314

The ‘How drunk are you?’ app

a very smart iPhone app from Grolsch aimed at promoting responsible drinking.

The app uses the iPhones accelerometer to demonstrate if the person holding the phone can walk in a straight line.

Dubbed Walk The Line, the app launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. The app rates the user on their ability to walk in a straight line. A high score offers them a free festival photograph at the Grolsch swing-top bar, whereas a low score invites them to the bar for a glass of water.

While not an actual alcohol test, the app aims to encourage festival go-ers to think about their alcohol consumption in a fun, innovative way, as well as share the app with their friends.

stop motion creativity

Check out a new stop motion video called the PEN Story. Using over 60,000 shot pictures and 9,600 developed prints.

Inspired by other stop motion videos like this one called Wolf and Pig sotry

New vision videos.

Other than the occasional indie rock band video, I feel that most of today’s hip hop videos are pushing for more creative executions and looking for new directions. here a few recent ones that I feel go for style and art. Funny enough, most of them it seems, has some form of Kanye West in it. Which pretty much proves his statement as the most influential brand out there right now.

AC/DC rocks the office (excel)

The world’s first music video in an Excel Spreadsheet.