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Picture 7The premise: send three Australians to party for three days straight in LA. The catch: they must document the entire trip, including sending a tweet for every single minute of their experience.

That was the scenario cooked up by Droga5 Sydney to promote V Australia’s three-day travel packages to Los Angeles, and the three brave souls finished their ordeal just before this past weekend. While the trip alone was probably worth it,by completing the challenge, the three gentlemen take home the grand prize: round the world tickets on V Australia and Virgin Atlantic. I’m guessing they don’t have to use Twitter on that trip.

The entire experience can be be seen over at 4320LA.com, and was filmed for use in a future campaign, as well as for inflight entertainment on V Australia flights.

Thanks to Campaign Brief Australia for this story.

Lost. One penis. Two balls.

What if you woke up in the morning and you had a vagina where your penis used to be? Luckly for us, Zack has the answers.

Picture 2

Check out the first episode here

Tell me this video doesn’t get you a little bit intrigued? Ha! you thought i was going to say hard didn’t you?

To see more weird and awkward episodes, click here http://zack16.com/

What a drag song

Wicked website when you can drag your cursor to interact with the animation of a song.

Picture 3

In all fairness, the picture doesn’t come close to doing this interactive song website justice. check it out here http://soytuaire.labuat.com/

Samsung is the king of cool shit!

These fuckers have a new “viral video” out like every 2 months.  Cool shit.  Keep it coming.

Anti-binge drinking viral.

The man who motivated MJ

Picture 4

Click here to visit the site


BooneOakley’s homepage youtube styles

BooneOakley’s new homepage is a youtube video……fucking awesome. Although this isn’t the first time someone has used youtube to create an interactive experience. I think it’s a great way to bring the story of an agency and their direction to life. Add in the fact that there and links embedded within the video and you got a pretty cool way to tell people who you are.

What clowns taste like

I want to start off by saying that clowns freak me out. So thank you very much Stephen King.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Couche Tard came out with a new flavour. But what would a celebration taste like? Like finley diced clowns apparently.

Check out the site here


Critic-Cal ft. Shaniqua – Short Attention Span

Funny viral video for the Worldwide Short Film Festival.

can’t hold it?

A website  that tells you the best time to run to the bathroom during a movie and what happened while you were gone. 

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check it out here