Is this ad racist?

Another fart deodorant

Can;t figure out if this is for real or not. I feel like it is, because if they were trying to be funny they weren’t and it was too obvious.

Ice Cream and Cake!

Say what you will about this brain-drilling new ad for Baskin-Robbins, but you have to be impressed by its ability to mention “ice cream and cake” 16 times in a 15-second spot. If the tune sounds familiar, that’s because it’s “the other song” by The Buckwheat Boyz, who penned the legendary Internet anthem “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.” This is definitely one of those polarizing ads, with people either loving it enough to make it a ringtone or hating it enough to shoot their screens.

From AdFreak.

I’m surprised she didn’t swallow

Did sprite go too far with this banned blow job ad?

This spot in question, produced for Sprite in Germany, has already been banned from the air.

It combines oral sex and the desire for a refreshing Sprite to create a big finish that has to be seen to be believed.

New Skittles commercial! Yay! Or not.

Boobie support

Just plain ol’ stupid.

Funny idea lost at the border

Cool little idea the flips the script on the whole ‘people crossing over to america illegally’ insight. So, instead of mexicans sneaking in, americans are sneaking out. why? for the tequila of course.

Unfortunately if you look closely at the photos, you’ll see lots of errors. Hands grabbing onto nothing, going throw fences like a ghost. Weird poses. etc. Maybe it’s a lazy AD or absent minded studio. Either way. The idea lost a little bit of it’s charm and coolness and now looks a little hack-ish


T-Mobile fails large

So about a month ago T-Mobile did a kick ass pop-up dance party at a train station. And although pop-up parties are not a new thing, what they showed was how companies could harness these events to make something bigger (buzz, word of mouth, other cool words and phrases that make me sound really smart). Since then they have used the pop-up two more times. The second was a planned karaoke event in trafalger square, which lost some of it’s cool as it looked way more planned and organized. Which i feel is part of the appeal. The spontaneity of it, which even though it is planned, still makes it seem real and honest. Then they did this. Which while still trying to stay true to the pop-up party idea, looks so over produced and edited that i feel they missed the mark and the concept of what a pop-up party was suppose to be.

Not only has this lost that ‘real’ feeling, but it was already done. By ImprovEverywhere

Check out more of their crazy stunts here

How many TV shows use blood in their ambient advertisements?

A lot. It’s become completely predictable. Hey! we have a show about a serial killer with a heart. Let’s use blood in a fountain. Hey, we have a TV station that plays a lot horror movies. Let’s use blood in the bathroom. Hey we have a show about murders. Lets put blood in a bathroom. Like come on already. I understand that it is probably the first place your mind goes when trying to figure out how to advertise a horror/murder/crime show. And i am sure that the public always gets a kick out of it. But in an area that probably has a lot of opportunities to do really cool shit why do people always go here. Probably because it’s easy and they want this stunt in their book. Or they reasoned with themselves that this stunt is completely different then the other stunt. ‘Oh look. ours use a public fountain. There’s used a semi-public fountain. completely different’ Step your game up people! Just so we’re clear. i find all of these in like 4 minutes. 4 minutes. i am willing to bet if i took 10 minutes i could find a hundred more.


Oh come on!

I don’t understand where these people are coming from. If it is a real PSA ad and it ran and then it won an award, what’s the problem? Are they trying to say that ads that don’t run don’t help? because that’s obvious. Any PSA that runs, creates awareness and drives attention to a cause or problem. Are they saying that every PSA ad has to be a Droga5? I am sure there are some PSA’s that have been created where they knew they had a good chance at winning an award or maybe even had an idea that they thought was award worthy and found a cause so that they could run it. But my point is, if it runs, then it did it’s job. No matter how big or how small it. Are some more effective than others? of course. That’s advertising. Not every ad is amazing and 100% effective. Some suck. But if it is for a PSA, all they are trying to do is raise awareness (on the most basic level) And anything that happens after that is a bonus. In fact I think that this is a PSA that lays more in the category that are attacking.