Serial killer branding

Nothing says “I love the TV show dexter’ more than an iPhone protective casing. What i really like about this is that it isn;t just some cool product or application. They branded the whole experience. From the time you purchase it (evidence file folder dripping in blood) to when you use it. They made the whole process an experience by bringing you into Dexter’s world


Enough said.


Toyota font

In honour of its new Toyota IQ, Toyota Company has commissioned a truly innovative initiative. It appointed two typographers (Pierre and Damien) and a professional race car driver to design a font using the movements of the new Toyota IQ.

Each letter’s design was mapped out using the car’s movements, using special software to translate the car’s movement for each letter into the typeface. The font, named after the car, is called iQ Agility.

You can read more on the font here,

Research muthaf–kin sucks!

Apple computer never uses focus groups to design products.

GM has used research to design every vehicle for the past 40 years.

That’s all.

(stolen from someone’s twitter page)

Finally a loyalty card I want

To reward The Chocolate Bar’s frequent customers’ love of sweets they they designed a loyalty card with a dental chart on it. Buy a chocolate, get rewarded with a punched tooth. After all the teeth are punched, the customer is entitled to a free chocolate.

Holy shit!! Someone just cut off my fucking stomach!


What do you do when your team goes 0-16?

Get a new logo of course.

And by ‘new’ we mean exactly the same as the last one.

The classic Honolulu blue, white and black colors remain unchanged.

old cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz version


new cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz meets He-Man Battle Cat version


Detroit Lions unveiled their new comprehensive brand that includes a new logo and new uniforms. Apparently they had made several ‘significant’ changes in the off-season and new brand identity is another element of that process.

They also introduced a new proprietary font, “NFL Lions.”


I always thought people from New York were dicks.

Redesigned New York subway map


death by illustration

Funny illustrations of how you could be electrocuted to death
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The evolution of office space

Interesting article from wired with Cliff Kuang that talks about the evolution of office designs from the open factory-like floors of Frederick Taylor in the 1900’s to the present era of semi-private pods and how these redesigns reflect our changing attitudes toward work.


Check out the article here