When your performance art needs a boost



Serial killer branding

Nothing says “I love the TV show dexter’ more than an iPhone protective casing. What i really like about this is that it isn;t just some cool product or application. They branded the whole experience. From the time you purchase it (evidence file folder dripping in blood) to when you use it. They made the whole process an experience by bringing you into Dexter’s world



A eye-catching way to show the benefits of waxing. 12314

The ‘How drunk are you?’ app

a very smart iPhone app from Grolsch aimed at promoting responsible drinking.

The app uses the iPhones accelerometer to demonstrate if the person holding the phone can walk in a straight line.

Dubbed Walk The Line, the app launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. The app rates the user on their ability to walk in a straight line. A high score offers them a free festival photograph at the Grolsch swing-top bar, whereas a low score invites them to the bar for a glass of water.

While not an actual alcohol test, the app aims to encourage festival go-ers to think about their alcohol consumption in a fun, innovative way, as well as share the app with their friends.

Toyota font

In honour of its new Toyota IQ, Toyota Company has commissioned a truly innovative initiative. It appointed two typographers (Pierre and Damien) and a professional race car driver to design a font using the movements of the new Toyota IQ.

Each letter’s design was mapped out using the car’s movements, using special software to translate the car’s movement for each letter into the typeface. The font, named after the car, is called iQ Agility.

You can read more on the font here, http://www.iqfont.com.

MJ tribute flash mob

Another great flash mob. This time for the king of pop

When a concept and a media innovation come together.

Love the insight into the problem. Although similar executions of this insight have been used, this one uses a media innovation to make it even stronger.

Using a ‘eye tracking’ camera they showed a man beating his wife. As soon as someone tried to look at the poster, the camera with track the eye movement and change the image to a happy couple, making the observer engage in the insight/message that domestic violence is hidden from view and to motivate people to look closer.