Unique talent. Edited.

Amazing. Creative smart editing mixed with some obvious musical chops. What beat is this? it sounds familiar?

The man’s name is Lasse Gjertsen and he also did this, which i am sure people remember.

Calorie suicide

A Pepsi ad that isn’t afraid to push. Instead of showing the glorious benefits of having only one calorie in their drink, they decided to show the dark side of being the only calorie left. love it.

When a concept and a media innovation come together.

Love the insight into the problem. Although similar executions of this insight have been used, this one uses a media innovation to make it even stronger.

Using a ‘eye tracking’ camera they showed a man beating his wife. As soon as someone tried to look at the poster, the camera with track the eye movement and change the image to a happy couple, making the observer engage in the insight/message that domestic violence is hidden from view and to motivate people to look closer.


Another good condom ad. Depending on what end of the stick you’re on.


Melody roads. What’s the difference?

Two ads. Two executions. One idea.

The tactic is called Melody Roads. A phenomenon that started around 2007 in Japan. Basically it’s a one-up of the rumble strip. These thoroughfares use cars, specifically their tires, as tuning forks to play music as they drive along. The musical roads are created by a series of grooves, cut at very specific intervals, in the surface of the asphalt.

Much like the vibrations and rumbles produced on a bumpy or poorly maintained street, engineers discovered that different notes were produced when grooves were placed at certain intervals along the surface.

This was created when it was discovered that 68 percent of highway accidents in Korea caused by inattentive, sleeping or speeding drivers, the Korean Highway Corp., as well as the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute in Japan, came up with the idea of musical road surfaces to keep motorists entertained but also to reduce their speed and help them stay alert.

I think the use of roads for a gorilla execution is cool, but at the same time, come on. Once someone else does it, don;t think by doing a different song or creating a video or a sign will make it different.

Here is the recent ad for Dunlop tires.


And here is the Honda music road

Question. If the ultimate goal or the social twist on it is to keep drivers awake. Then why play nursery rhyme songs that little children listen too when they are trying to sleep?

A new condom ad!!!!

Never thought I would see the day when a new idea for a condom ad would emerge. We’re told it’s one of those categories where the best work has been done already. Where all the ideas are now similar (see Nike,Ipod or any hot sauce ad)

Okay, maybe the idea isn’t completely brand new, but I like it and I think it works. It might be a little similar to and ad done a while ago that had images of babies/kids squishing their faces on a condom like they were trying to break through (the idea being that the condom stopped kids from happening) But at least it is a different way to say it. Instead of a kid not happening, here is all the expenses you can now avoid because of said kid. Maybe it’s not as smart, Maybe it’s not award book worthy. But none the less I like it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not. Maybe you should go fuck yourself and stop judging people.


Boobie support

Just plain ol’ stupid.

Research muthaf–kin sucks!

Apple computer never uses focus groups to design products.

GM has used research to design every vehicle for the past 40 years.

That’s all.

(stolen from someone’s twitter page)

Funny idea lost at the border

Cool little idea the flips the script on the whole ‘people crossing over to america illegally’ insight. So, instead of mexicans sneaking in, americans are sneaking out. why? for the tequila of course.

Unfortunately if you look closely at the photos, you’ll see lots of errors. Hands grabbing onto nothing, going throw fences like a ghost. Weird poses. etc. Maybe it’s a lazy AD or absent minded studio. Either way. The idea lost a little bit of it’s charm and coolness and now looks a little hack-ish


Clean and simple AD (minus the whole after birth thing)