What clowns taste like

I want to start off by saying that clowns freak me out. So thank you very much Stephen King.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Couche Tard came out with a new flavour. But what would a celebration taste like? Like finley diced clowns apparently.

Check out the site here


Critic-Cal ft. Shaniqua – Short Attention Span

Funny viral video for the Worldwide Short Film Festival.

Sort your head out.

Nice interactive outdoor piece for McDonald’s coffee.  I had a similar idea but it was “Picture 5too difficult to pull off”.

can’t hold it?

A website  that tells you the best time to run to the bathroom during a movie and what happened while you were gone. 

Picture 2


check it out here


What would an ad for a convention centre look like?

From DDB Canada, advertising that doesn’t sugar coat it. 




Leave country to the experts

No you see me. Now you don’t.