When Wrong is right

Depeche Mode  new music video for “Wrong”

Cocoon jacket


Vessel designed by Justin Gargasz. 

“Vessel addresses this universal need to get away by providing the user a cocoon integrated into a jacket. At any given moment the user can go outside, take the jacket off, tie the arms around a tree, pull out the cocoon and go inside. Distance and solitude become the ends to which one escapes, Vessel providing a meditative and introspective experience during any part of a persons’ everyday routine.”



Simple. Smart.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany

Creative Directors: Oliver Handlos, Matthias Spaetgens
Art Director: Michael Schmidt
Copywriter: Caspar Heuss
Director: Alex Feil
Production: Element E

Aired: December 2008

Wi-Fi guerrilla marketing

As you enter various airports in Germany and check your computer or iPhone, you might stumble upon some interesting Wi-Fi networks. To find new ways to advertise to potential clients, a car rental company creates headlines out of Wi-Fi networks. 

This isn’t the first time a company used WiFi headlines. Check out the work from the CoffeeCompany.



Urban Camouflage

German website UrbanCamouflage.de gets retail-performance-arty with wunderbar results. 748