It’s Hovi Baby!

Droga5 does it again – Nice idea, beautifully executed, well fucking done.  Love the line, “Jay-Z fans get it.”.  We do.

Man, there are so many cool ways to use the McDonald’s logo.


When I worked on McDonald’s we were told that we were absolutely not allowed to fuck with the logo.  I like this.  Simple.  Clean.  Cute.  A little 2005 but that’s ok.  It’s McLobster season y’all!

When a commercial turns into an iPhone app

HAve you ever asked yourself ‘Man, i wish that Barclaycard waterslide ad was an iPhone app’?

Well your question has been answered. With the new iPhone and iTouch game – Waterslide Extreme.

slip and slide viral?

Curious what this is really for? Production or editing house maybe?

The walk

Great spot.

Brings you right in and keeps your attention.

Great casting. Smart writing. Great shot. And all in ONE FUCKIN TAKE! love it.

Imagine what the brief was “we want you to tell the entire history of Johnnie Walker in one take. Oh, and if at all possible make Robert Carlyle cool again.”

The 7 vices of highly creative people.

Interesting article by D.A. BLYLER

check it out here

choose your own PSA

A smart and engaging way to communicate the problem of knife violence in the UK with a chose your own adventure style PSA that brings you right into the centre of the problem.

check out the website

Hula Hoops DJ

This spot made me smile.  Cute, fun and all around good times.  Go DJ!

From Publicis London.

V Aussie

Picture 7The premise: send three Australians to party for three days straight in LA. The catch: they must document the entire trip, including sending a tweet for every single minute of their experience.

That was the scenario cooked up by Droga5 Sydney to promote V Australia’s three-day travel packages to Los Angeles, and the three brave souls finished their ordeal just before this past weekend. While the trip alone was probably worth it,by completing the challenge, the three gentlemen take home the grand prize: round the world tickets on V Australia and Virgin Atlantic. I’m guessing they don’t have to use Twitter on that trip.

The entire experience can be be seen over at, and was filmed for use in a future campaign, as well as for inflight entertainment on V Australia flights.

Thanks to Campaign Brief Australia for this story.

When your performance art needs a boost